As you begin to plan your summer projects, please remember to give Metzler Forest Products a call. Metzler's has a full line of landscaping products to meet all your needs. When consistency counts, Metzler's quality products will be the same throughout the season whether it is your first load or your last load of the season. Metzler's offer a wide range of quality mulch products that are sure to exceed your expectations.


Pure Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch (Click to Learn More)

Color Enhanced Mulch:
      Black Mulch (Click to Learn More)
      Brown Mulch (Click to Learn More)
      Red Mulch (Click to Learn More)

Pure Hemlock Bark Mulch (Click to Learn More)

Single Ground Bark Mulch (Click to Learn More)

Wood Chips (Click to Learn More)

Premium Topsoil
• Blended with sand & compost to create a consistent growing media

• Ability to create custom soil blends

• Gardens
• Ponds
• Catch Basins
• Topdressing for Lawns

Well maintained Fleet of trucks for reliable service

Orders placed before 3 p.m. typically can be delivered the following business day

2 tri axles and 7 mulch trailers, dedicated to mulch delivery

We welcome pickup as well. We have large loaders that can load your truck quickly. Please give us a courtesy call and let us know you are coming.